What prevents supplies from China, or systematic force majeure

Owners of online stores purchasing goods in China know from experience that demand is tied to the seasons (most often spring and autumn-winter). The pattern is this: by the new year, the activity of deliveries increases, the peak of popularity comes in December. However, it is at this time that it is very difficult to deliver cargo from China by sea.

Доставка и таможенное оформление грузов из Китая

Delivery and customs clearance of goods from China: specifics and conditions


Every last week of December and the first week of January, storms rage in the Pacific Ocean, the Yellow, Japanese and East China Seas. At this time, not only is sea transportation difficult, even if the cargo arrived on time, this does not guarantee a favorable outcome. In a storm, all ports of Vladivostok stop the work of tower cranes, which means that nothing is unloaded. 


What does this lead to in terms of logistics?


Accordingly, during these 2 New Year's weeks, giant sea jams are formed in ports from container ships, bulk carriers and other cargo ships, everything is standing, no one takes the cargo. And this counts as a simple one. Who will pay for the downtime? That's right, you. In such circumstances, customs clearance of goods in Moscow (and across Russia) requires a special approach.


Shipping containers from China even in adverse conditions


What should I do at this time? It is necessary to plan delivery dates with logistics specialists in advance or reschedule deliveries to other days. Anyway, the consultants of the 1st national alliance know in advance about the peculiarities of the local climate, warn about them and build routes taking into account this information. Therefore, goods arrive and are unloaded on time, there is no downtime, and the cost of customs duties on goods from China remains one of the lowest.


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