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Cargo Shipping from Ningbo to Moscow

ingbo is one of the largest ports of the People's Republic of China, located in Zhejiang Province. The more complete name of Ningbo is Zhoushan, it appeared in 2006 as a result of the merger of two neighboring ports. Main specialization:

  • oil and petroleum products;
  • chemical industry products;
  • metal products;
  • coal;
  • minerals;
  • lumber;
  • fertilizers;
  • containerized cargo.

It is the largest port in the world by tonnage handled.

The “Pervyi Natsionalnyi Alians” company regularly delivers cargo from Ningbo to Moscow. We carry out dangerous, bulky, heavy, container cargo transportation.

Calculation of the estimate — less than 24 hours. Transportation — 23 to 26 days. Customs clearance — 1 to 4 days.

We will provide calculations within 2-3 hours

What to do next?

You submit an application and receive a preliminary calculation

We draw up and agree on a detailed estimate, conclude a contract

We transport cargo to Russia

Customs clearance

The cargo arrives at your warehouse

We will deliver your cargo door-to-door and carry out all customs procedures ourselves

We will use more than 50 routes in our work. The process has been built up over years of work, everything runs like clockwork!

We solve all the problems of transportation, escorting and conducting across the border

We provide both standard and specialized containers for transportation

  • open top for dry cargo;
  • bulk carriers for transportation of liquefied gases, chemicals;
  • with loading hatches in the roof for bulk materials;
  • conventional platforms and platforms with rigid end walls for oversized cargo

The main route from Ningbo to Moscow is intermodal: first, a container with cargo is delivered by car to the port, then sea transportation to Vladivostok, then rail shipping to Moscow and truckload delivery to the recipient's warehouse.

Guarantees of the “Pervyi Natsionalnyi Alians” company

Everything we promise to do is spelled out in the contract. Penalties for improper fulfillment of conditions are also indicated there. What do we guarantee when organizing cargo shipping on the route Ningbo — Moscow?

  • The immutability of the total cost, calculated by our logisticians and fixed in the contract.
  • Registration of all necessary documents, permits, permits.
  • Providing reliable cargo packaging suitable for international transportation
  • Provision of specialized containers corresponding to the nature of the cargo.
  • Integrity and safety control during loading.
  • Registration of permits in their absence.
  • Legal customs clearance in 1-3 days.
  • Round-the-clock control over the movement of the container.
  • The delivery time from Ningbo to Moscow is 26 days.
  • Door-to-door delivery.

Our key advantages are 20 years of experience, established contacts in China and the Russian Federation, our own material and technical base (train, container ships).

We are waiting for your application!

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