How to smoothly deliver goods from China to Russia using mixed or multimodal shipping


Доставка грузов из Китая

Let's look at an example. Suppose you need to deliver cargo, in particular flooring, laminate flooring from Shanghai to Moscow. Where to start?


     1. Contact the transport company, which will first check the readiness of your cargo for shipment.


     2. Loading the container onto the ship.The loading date is agreed directly at the factory, after which the cargo is sent by car to the seaport for loading on the ship.  

As a rule, this is the sea transport company CASCO. All this should take no more than 3 days.


     3. Travel time by sea from China to Vladivostok.After the departure of the vessel, it usually takes from 5-8 days before its arrival at the destination port of Vladivostok. 

It is important to choose the right port of unloading in advance, as sometimes there are sea jams, stevedores and in this case you risk getting into a simple one, all this can be foreseen!


     4. Unloading and customs clearance of cargo.After successful unloading in a special customs zone, it is necessary to issue documents of the customs serviceas well as simultaneously prepare documentation for sending cargo by rail. 

Important! It is advisable to prepare documents for customs clearance of the Russian Federation before the arrival of the cargo, in order not to stand idle and not to pay for downtime. As a rule, this is done 3-4 days before the arrival of the cargo!


      5. Shipment of cargo by railway to Moscow.Customs clearance of our laminate and then we do everything according to the same principle as in the port, since the railway stations are also often overloaded, it is necessary to select the least loaded station in advance. We loaded the container onto the railway platform and are going to Moscow.

Our train will arrive at the Moscow Tovarnaya-Butyrskaya station in 11 days.


     6. Delivery of cargo by car to your warehouse. It is very important to submit a container truck for the day of arrival by this time, because otherwise you will have to pay for downtime. Then the cargo is safely delivered to your warehouse.


We hope that our article turned out to be useful for you, if you have any questions about multimodal transportation from Shanghai to Moscow,please contact us, we will advise you completely free of charge!

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