International cargo shipping from China, customs clearance services

Container load shipping from India

Russian-Indian cooperation is of strategic importance. This has a noticeable effect on trade turnover, which has grown by 40% over the past 2 years. By 2025, it should increase by another 3 times. Such growth requires the development of transport links between countries. It is natural that container transportation from India to Russia, customs clearance of any goods and materials are becoming in demand. Machines, production equipment, chemical raw materials, metals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, industrial and food products are transported.

Main transportation routes

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Scheme of transportation from India to Russia

Container transportation is carried out according to the following combined scheme:

  1. Cargo shipping from any point of the country to the port of Chennai or Mumbai, container formation, booking a place on the ship.
  2. Transportation from the Indian port to the Russian Vladivostok.
  3. Customs clearance.
  4. Delivery by rail to Moscow, unloading at the railway terminal.
  5. Transportation of the container to your warehouse.

The entire journey, including customs clearance, takes 45-46 days. We guarantee compliance with this deadline, as we have fully worked out the route, concluded contracts with the largest sea carriers, we have our own train with container platforms Vladivostok − Moscow, there is a fleet of container ships. Our representatives work in the ports of India, and customs clearance begins even before the cargo arrives at the Far Eastern Customs.

Customs clearance of goods

We do not use illegal schemes. This does not mean that customs clearance will take an indefinite time. On the contrary, we guarantee that the process will take a maximum of a day:

  1. Our logisticians begin to work out the ordered assortment immediately after placing an application for transportation from India to Russia. The task of this stage is to determine the list of necessary permits for import into the territory of the Customs Union and check their availability with the customer.
  2. During the time the container was in sea transit (a little more than 3 weeks) employees collect a full package of documents. If necessary, they issue certificates and declarations of conformity, state registration.
  3. Even before the ship arrives in Vladivostok, a preliminary customs declaration is submitted. This allows you to identify possible risks in advance and reduce the time for monitoring.
  4. When submitting the IM-40, all issues are already settled, it remains only to register the declaration and wait for the "release".

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