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Container Cargo Shipping from China

China is one of the leaders in the supply of goods to all countries of the world, including Russia, which is why container cargo shipping is so in demand today. The rigid metal body and a reliable lock perfectly protect the cargo from damage or loss. After placement, a load is sealed, which restricts access. Even if loading from one container to another is required, the sealed container is rearranged.

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Container cargo transportation from China is suitable for standard, liquid, dangerous and oversized products, machinery and equipment, prefabricated and bulk deliveries.

There is a different type of container for each type of product. For ordinary goods that do not require special transportation conditions, 20- and 40-foot dry cargo containers are suitable. Large items, such as furniture, are delivered in a 40-foot container of increased volume, and for oversized with top loading, models with removable tops are used. Special products, such as liquid, bulk or requiring temperature conditions, are transported in special tanks, refrigerators, on open-type platforms.

Container Shipping Methods from China

  • Sea transport. The most inexpensive, but also the longest delivery method, is limited to port cities.
  • Train. Transportation is faster, but more expensive. The geography is wider and does not depend on weather conditions.
  • Truckload. It is convenient for relatively small distances.
  • Intermodal delivery. The most suitable way to transport containers from China combines several types listed above.

Container load shipping is our main specialization. We may deliver:

  • by ocean shipping,

  • by railway,

  • by truckload,

  • and intermodal shipping (combined transportation).

When delivering cargo from China, our specialists bear full financial responsibility for the goods. They are also responsible for customs clearance. We have a wide geography of routes and are ready to cooperate with you, even if you need to transport 1 container. This is possible due to the combined delivery and its own fleet of container ships and the Vladivostok — Moscow train.

The cost and terms of container transportation from China to Russia depend on the route and type of cargo. For example, transportation from Shanghai to Moscow takes 25 days, from Shantou — 35 days.

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