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Cargo shipping from Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea is an important economic partner of the Russian Federation. It accounts for 4% of Russia's total foreign trade turnover. Korea ranks 8th in the total share of imports of our country. The volume of foreign trade is steadily growing. This affects the growth of freight traffic from Korea to Russia and back.

Main transportation routes

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What goods are transported from Korea to Russia?

The list of imported goods is extensive. The main share of supplies falls on:

  • industrial equipment;
  • cars, spare parts for them;
  • chemical industry products;
  • metals and metal products;
  • shoes, clothes;
  • food and agricultural products;
  • cosmetic products;
  • electronics.

Delivery of almost any cargo from Korea to the Russian regions is organized. These can be both standard goods and those requiring special transport and increased caution, for example, large-sized construction equipment, dangerous goods, construction materials.

Transportation is carried out in ordinary containers (20-, 40-, 45-foot) or in specialized (refrigerators, isotherms, tanks).

Delivery scheme and terms

Our specialization is multimodal cargo transportation from Korea (truckload + sea + railway + truckload). It is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • preparation of a commercial offer based on the information received from you: the characteristics of the product, its weight, volume, address of the supplier, address of the Russian recipient. It takes 1 day;
  • booking place on a ship, loading goods into a container, delivery to the port of Busan. The process takes 3 days;
  • sea delivery from Busan to Vladivostok — 5 days;
  • customs clearance of cargo — 1 day;
  • rail transportation of a container from Vladivostok to Moscow. Transit time — 11 days;
  • unloading at the railway terminal, loading on a container ship and delivery to the recipient's warehouse in Moscow or Moscow region — 1-3 days.

In total, the total time for door-to-door delivery is 25 days.

We guarantee compliance with deadlines, including financially. Our cargo transportation scheme from Korea has been working smoothly for 2 decades. It is based on a number of key factors:

  • experienced logisticians and brokers in our offices, agent representatives in Korea;
  • "run-in" routes;
  • reserve of container places on sea lines;
  • own train "Vladivostok-Moscow" (72 container platforms);
  • more than 40 of own container ships;
  • partnerships with certification bodies
  • contracts with high-rating insurance companies;
  • preliminary declaration of goods;
  • only legal methods of work.

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