The customs of the Russian Federation "gets" taxes to the budget!




Since the end of September, the customs received an order to collect arrears to the budget.


In fact, any importer may be required to pay customs duties retroactively for goods imported earlier for which, as it seemed to them, they took insufficient amounts of duties. There is no need to argue here, when you need to replenish the missing state budget, any methods are good. That's just not sweet for business, you work for a whole year, regularly pay duties for imported goods to Russia, and then a “Stranger” comes and says: “YOU HAVE TO!” By the way, this situation is not new for a seasoned participant in foreign economic activity and it happens with enviable regularity, i.e. every year when there is a need to patch holes in the state budget. So it's always worth hedging and having an additional budget for such cases.


But still there is a CURE for this scourge.


First of all, if this happens, it may be worth thinking about changing the logistician or at least giving another carrier the opportunity to prove itself. After all, such situations most likely arise due to the fact that cargo deliveries do not occur systematically. The main difference of a good carrier is that he clearly builds a SYSTEM (logistics) of cargo delivery, does not miss a single detail and has sufficient experience (respect) in cooperation with the Russian customs. Today it has become the norm to have 2 logisticians, if one fails, then the second will rectify the situation.


Recommendations on how to avoid debts for customs duties


1. Check the logisticians who carry your goods
2. If possible, cooperate with 2 if you feel that the carrier is not coping
3. It is better to reserve a small budget for safety net

On our own, we will recommend you to contact us at “Pervyi Natsionalnyi Alians”, we will advise you how to legally avoid "surprises" at customs