Interesting information for those who own a cosmetics business and carry or want to carry medicines from Korea




Today, more and more cosmetology clinics are opening working with medicines imported from Korea. They are used in many areas of traditional and folk medicine, the most famous creams for post-surgical intervention and for the treatment and care of the skin, as well as biologically active additives (dietary supplements) Read more

How cargo delivery routes from China are built.


Calculation of estimates for container transportation from China by sea, railway and by car


To begin with, you need to calculate the estimate, any experienced carrier will offer you this, and the prices indicated in it should remain unchanged until the completion of the transportation contract. They can change only if the customer himself changes the conditions, or he wants to transport more cargo or changes the route, etc., a good logistics specialist does not change prices! Everything is taken into account: dimensions, cargo weight, properties, etc.


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