International cargo shipping, customs clearance services

Cargo Shipping from Bangkok to Moscow

Thailand and Russia have long-standing friendly relations. Despite the great distance, the trade turnover between the countries continues to grow. Thai goods are in significant demand in Russia:

  • food products (especially rice, seafood, fruits);
  • textile;
  • natural rubber products;
  • furniture;
  • cosmetic products;
  • household appliances, electronics;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • industrial and commercial equipment.

“Pervyi Natsionalnyi Alians” company provides comprehensive container cargo delivery services from Bangkok to Moscow: transportation and customs clearance.

Calculation of the estimate — less than 24 hours. Transportation — 35 to 40 days. Customs clearance — 1 to 4 days.

We will provide calculations within 2-3 hours

Cargo delivery from Bangkok to Moscow

What to do next?

You submit an application and receive a preliminary calculation

We draw up and agree on a detailed estimate, conclude a contract

груз из Тайланда
в Россию

Customs clearance

The cargo arrives at your warehouse

We will deliver your cargo door-to-door and carry out all customs procedures ourselves

We will use more than 50 routes in our work. The process has been built up over years of work, everything runs like clockwork!

We solve all the problems of transportation, escorting and conducting across the border

Our route has been debugged for years, we will deliver the container in just 40 days. We guarantee customers:

  • The price specified in the contract will remain unchanged.
  • We will provide containers of the required volume.
  • We will control the loading of the goods.
  • We will issue certificates and declarations of conformity, phytosanitary permits.
  • We will legally clear customs.
  • We will deliver " door-to-door".

Cargo delivery is carried out in a intermodal way: by road from a Thai supplier to the port of Bangkok, by sea to Vladivostok, by rail from the Far East to Moscow, by container ship to the recipient's warehouse. Additional benefits: running your own train and having a fleet of container ships.

Customs clearance and cost formation

“Pervyi Natsionalnyi Alians” company will not only deliver the cargo, but also issue the goods at the customs border of Russia. Customs clearance is carried out in the middle of the way from Bangkok to Moscow — in Vladivostok.

Customs clearance activities begin long before the ship arrives at the port and include

  • registration of permits for the import of goods into the territory of the Customs Union;
  • collecting documents, converting them into electronic form, filing declarations
  • payment of duties, excises, taxes;
  • presence at the inspection;
  • interaction with the customs inspector, providing additional information at his request;
  • appeal of the CSC.

The final cost of cargo delivery from Bangkok to Moscow is affected by:

  • the complexity of customs clearance (including the need to obtain permits);
  • weight and size characteristics of the goods;
  • number of commodity items;
  • distance to the Thai port and distance from the Moscow terminal;
  • type of container (standard, specialized).

Discuss the nuances of transportation by phone.

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