We always have good news for those who are engaged and interested in the delivery and customs clearance of goods from China!

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Dear readers, we are in a hurry to share the good news with you! We have received special privileges from JSC Russian Railways for the delivery of containers from China. Now it will be even more convenient and pleasant to work with us, and our customers are already receiving goods from Vladivostok much faster than usual.

Now customs clearance of goods in Moscow and across Russia is carried out on special conditions.

Since that time, by special order of JSC Russian Railways, railway station workers have been servicing our cargo around the clock! This reduces the time of rail transportation from Vladivostok to Moscow for the whole day! In addition to speeding up delivery, you also get a reduction in transportation costs. This is a great offer for those owners of Russian-Chinese business who have every day on the account.

Railway transportation from Vladivostok to Moscow is faster by 24 hours than other logisticians

Logisticians of the 1st national alliance have been working for 18 years, during this time they have achieved the most favorable conditions for the delivery of goods from all over the world. Today we have accelerated the transportation of containers from Vladivostok by rail for a whole day, in the future we plan to introduce new pleasant bonuses. Contact our consultants,, they will choose the most profitable, convenient and fast routes for you according to your budget!

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