Global increase in quotations of customs rates. What to do?


Earlier we wrote that every year the customs gets the missing funds to the budget at the expense of importers. This procedure is quite common, I would even call it a "tradition" – to patch holes in the budget at the expense of "unkillable" Russian business. In light of these events, many carrier companies, to put it mildly, are not coping with their duties.

The carrier refuses customs clearance of your goods

What exactly is going on? Carrier company X has concluded a contract for the delivery of cargo to importer company Y for a mutually agreed amount of money Z. During the year, Company X faithfully transported the goods of company Y, but an order came to replenish the missing funds to the budget and the Icu is billed three or four, and sometimes even ten times the regular payment at customs rates, and after all, the cargo has already arrived, it is at customs! Do not ask why this is happening, the state always "knows" from whom, when and how much. Naturally, X is forced to turn to Y and inform him about the changes, which in 99% of cases out of 100 is refused to increase the payment for customs duties, quite a predictable result: the carrier X throws the cargo belonging to the type of lack of funds, and simply because of unwillingness to lose profit. Sometimes they also do the reimport of goods from Russia to the country of origin from where the cargo was delivered.

What is reimport

What does reimport give? The cargo is sent back by sea, railway or by car, they wait for the Russian customs to collect arrears in the state budget, and then import the cargo to Russia again. I think the disadvantages of this method on the face are huge losses on delivery and storage.

Experienced logistician – 19 years of work

What to do? In the 1st turn, it is necessary to insure and work at least with the 1st logistics company. The carrier must have extensive experience, for example, our company has 19 years of experience, during which close ties are established with customs brokers, which allow us to keep the cost of customs clearance at the same levels. Simply put, a simple human factor works at customs: "They just know us there!". Probably that is why a large number of customers have recently been contacting us with a request for emergency assistance in customs clearance of their goods.

If the situation described above has befallen you and the carrier has "abandoned" you, contact “Pervyi Natsionalnyi Alians””, we will quickly and promptly customs your cargo and minimize your losses!