The time has finally come when people began to understand the original auto parts. The import of auto parts from Korea increased 3 times in 2014 alone.

Импорт автозапчастей из Кореи

A couple of years ago, a huge number of fakes for Korean auto parts came to Russia from China and Turkey. In the markets, they are very cheap, the quality is appropriate, the service life of such spare parts is scanty. In 2014, the situation is changing rapidly, we are seeing the opposite trend, a decrease in the import of fakes from China and Turkey and a multiple increase in the import of original spare parts from Korea.


Statistics: In 2014 alone, we transported 1,440 containers with fuel, oil and air filters, generator belts, spark plugs and many other auto parts for Korean cars from Korea (Busan) to Russia (Vladivostok). We transport auto parts by containers by sea, railway and by car.


The dynamics of the growth of imports of auto parts from Korea is so high that we would recommend importers to pay attention to this multi-profitable business and, as always, we offer our services for the delivery and customs clearance of goods from Korea, besides, we have established a time-tested safe and fastest delivery scheme!