International cargo shipping from China, customs clearance services

Rail shipping from China

Rail Shipping is one of the safe and inexpensive methods of transportation. Transportation by train is especially convenient when it’s required to deliver cargo from the eastern, northern or northeastern part of China, since the Harbin Railway runs in these regions. After arriving in Russia, the goods can be shipped to Moscow or any city. The terms vary and depend on the volume of the batch (combined cargo shipping takes more time, additional time is required for consolidation, there are peculiarities in customs clearance too), the destination in Russia and other factors.

Main transportation routes

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Features of railway transportation from China

You can deliver almost any kind of products, including those that are unrealistic or impractical to send by other types of transport. In particular, long and oversized cargoes, bulky industrial equipment, large special equipment, bulk materials are accepted for railway transportation from China. You can use:

  • standard or reduced container;
  • covered freight cars;
  • tank;
  • an open platform, a gondola car.

The assembled batches are sent in containers. This is a good option when you need to deliver a small volume of products spending less money.

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Conditions of railway transportation from China

We have many proven routes, which allows us to choose the optimal solution, reducing the time and cost of transportation. A comprehensive service is provided, which includes:

  • preliminary calculation of the amount, its approval;
  • selection of a wagon (platform) or container;
  • consolidation (if there is a railway transportation of a combined cargo from China);
  • customs clearance (it begins even before the arrival of shipments to Russia, which significantly speeds up the process of customs clearance);
  • transportation, loading and unloading operations.

We guarantee the safety of your cargo, as well as delivery strictly by the agreed time. We are financially responsible for the violation of deadlines, up to the return of the money paid to the customer. In case of unforeseen circumstances preventing railway transportation from China (for example, sudden repair of tracks, etc.), an alternative route will be offered.

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