How cargo delivery routes from China are built.


Calculation of estimates for container transportation from China by sea, railway and by car


To begin with, you need to calculate the estimate, any experienced carrier will offer you this, and the prices indicated in it should remain unchanged until the completion of the transportation contract. They can change only if the customer himself changes the conditions, or he wants to transport more cargo or changes the route, etc., a good logistics specialist does not change prices! Everything is taken into account: dimensions, cargo weight, properties, etc.


Расчет сметы на доставку груза из Китая




Building a China-Russia route, for example: Shanghai-Vladivostok-Moscow

Then you need to calculate the route, choose the nearest port to the place where the cargo is located in China, deliver and load it on the ship. By the way, a small nuance, an experienced logistician is called upon to save for you in everything, including in this case, he will most often agree with a Chinese supplier that he will deliver the cargo to the port at his own expense! Further, the goods in containers follow by sea to Vladivostok for about 20-25 days.


Маршруты доставок из Китая в Россию


Customs clearance of goods from China in 1-5 days


During this time, it is necessary to prepare all documents for customs procedures on the territory of Russia, which take from 1 to 5 days, and this is if the logistics company has sufficient experience!

Таможенное оформление грузов из Китая

Delivery of goods from China to Moscow by rail and by road to the customer

Then containers with cargo are transported to warehouses in Moscow by rail, from where they are delivered directly to the customer by road.

All these processes are quite complex and require considerable knowledge and experience. Contact the 1st National Alliance,we will make an estimate and a route for the transportation of your cargo from China for you completely free of charge and will advise you on any question you are interested in.