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Cargo Shipping from Osaka to Moscow

Osaka, located in the south of Honshu Island, has well-established sea ferry connections with nearby countries, including regular connections with the Russian Far East. It is on the route Osaka — Vladivostok — Moscow that cargo is delivered to the capital of the Russian Federation.

“Pervyi Natsionalnyi Alians” company has been engaged in container transportation from Japan to Russia for two decades.

The calculation of the estimate is less than 24 hours. Transportation — 30 to 34 days. Customs clearance — 1 to 4 days.

We will provide calculations within 2-3 hours

What to do next?

You submit an application and receive a preliminary calculation

We draw up and agree on a detailed estimate, conclude a contract

We transport cargo to Russia

Customs clearance

The cargo arrives at your warehouse

We will deliver your cargo door-to-door and carry out all customs procedures ourselves

We will use more than 50 routes in our work. The process has been built up over years of work, everything runs like clockwork!

We solve all the problems of transportation, escorting and conducting across the border

We have experience in delivering various cargoes from Osaka to Moscow:

  • spare parts for Japanese cars;
  • electronics and household goods (for example, products of such giants as Panasonic, Sharp, Sanyo);
  • household chemicals;
  • sporting goods;
  • clothes;
  • perfumes and cosmetics

Advantages of container deliveries

This is a versatile and reliable type of cargo transportation, especially for long-distance shipping:

  • You can pick up a container for any type of product. In addition to the standard "iron boxes" (20-45 feet), there are refrigerators, tanks, platforms.
  • The robust housing and iron locks allow you not to worry about damage to the goods from the outside.
  • It is easy to perform physical actions: loading, stacking, unloading and reloading.
  • Most of the mass transportation vehicles are adapted for the transportation of containers.
  • The transit time is much shorter compared to sending the goods in bulk

We guarantee delivery of cargo from Osaka to Moscow in just 34 days. This period includes travel time and time for the release of goods into free circulation (IM-40).

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is included in the package of services for the delivery of cargo from Osaka to Moscow. All actions are absolutely legal. We carry out customs clearance in a maximum of 4 days (usually within a day). Such a deadline is achievable thanks to a lot of preparatory work.

Logisticians and brokers begin to collect a package of documents for customs from the moment they receive an application for delivery. If the customer does not have enough permits, they are issued.

Prior to the arrival of the ferry to Vladivostok, a preliminary declaration is submitted to the customs. The inspector checks the data, determines customs risks. The broker collects additional documents.

Upon arrival of the vessel at the port, the goods are released into free circulation. If necessary, our representative must be present at the inspection.

We are waiting for your questions and a request for transportation.

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