International cargo shipping from China, customs clearance services

Cargo Sea Shipping from China

The People's Republic of China has a huge export potential. Its geographical location with a coastline of 4000 km and the presence of modern international ports with large capacity attract importers from all continents. Russian foreign trade companies also actively use sea and intermodal cargo transportation from China.

Main transportation routes

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Advantages of Container shipping from China:

  1. Economy. This is the cheapest way to deliver goods and materials.
  2. Versatility. We will transport any goods: oversized, liquid, gaseous, bulk, dangerous. For standard goods, the usual 20-, 40-, 45-foot containers and their variations are used. For non—standard cargo - refrigerators, tanks, platforms and others.
  3. Safety and security. Containers for transportation are made of durable materials, equipped with reliable locking mechanisms. After loading the goods, they are sealed. When changing one mode of transport to another, the goods themselves are not overloaded.
  4. Reliability. Shipping routes from China to Russia are well established. A large number of vessels ply in this direction strictly according to the schedule. Weather conditions affect traffic to a lesser extent than with other modes of transportation.

Terms and cost of transportation by combined method (sea + railway)

The priority is the route consisting of sea transportation from China to the Far East of the Russian Federation and railway transport — on the territory of the Russian Federation. We present the calculation of the delivery time on the example of the route from Shanghai to Moscow:

  • 4 days — preliminary stage. Determination of the price, coordination of details, signing of the contract, booking of the container and a place on the ship;
  • 6 days — sea transportation from Shanghai to Vladivostok;
  • 1 to 2 days — customs clearance;
  • 10 days — railway transportation from Vladivostok to the terminal in Moscow;
  • 1 to 3 days — unloading at the terminal, delivery of the container ship and delivery to the recipient's warehouse.

Total: 25 days.

Delivery time from other ports of China: Ningbo — 26 days, Qingdao — 28 days, Foshan — 30 days, Shantou - 35 days.

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The total amount of transportation (by sea from China + railway in Russia), including warehouse-to-warehouse delivery and customs clearance, depends on such factors:

  • type of cargo;
  • its weight and volume;
  • supplier's address, distance;
  • location of the recipient's warehouse;
  • availability of permits.

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