International cargo shipping, customs clearance services

Закажите срочный расчет таможенного оформления ткани из Китая в Москве

Расчет сметы менее 24 часов. Перевозка от 25 до 40 дней. Таможенное оформление от 1 до 4 суток

We will provide calculations within 2-3 hours

Urgently get a cargo delivery calculation

We carry out:

  • Sea shipping

  • Rail shipping

  • Truckload shipping

  • and intermodal shipping (combined transportation)

Доставляем в Россию любые грузы, в том числе:

Dangerous goods
and oversized


Production equipment

All routes are time-tested, the cargo delivery process
has been built and honed for 19 years of work.
Everything runs like clockwork!

The offer is limited: we don’t transport less than 1 container. We also can transport less than container loads. 100 containers transportation at a time is not a problem!

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What to do next?

You submit an application and receive a preliminary calculation

We draw up and agree on a detailed estimate, conclude a contract

We transport cargo to Russia

Customs clearance

The cargo arrives at your warehouse

Working model

We are attentive to all customers and guarantee a uniform approach and the same execution time for all operations.

The procedure is as follows:

  • We prepare a proposal for your application in a day. We fix prices, route, guarantees.
  • We conclude an international shipping contract.
  • We interact with suppliers, bring goods to our consolidation warehouse, pack, form a combined cargo.
  • We deliver the cargo to the customs post in the Russian Federation.
  • We process your cargo at customs.
  • We transport the cargo to your warehouse.
  • You pay for services.

Быстрое и легальное таможенное оформление и
таможенное оформление ваших грузов из Китая

Процедуру таможенного оформления мы начинаем еще до того как ваш груз
пересечет границу Российской Федерации, что позволяет существенно
сократить время таможенное оформление и занимает не более 1-4 суток

Why do customers choose our logistics company?

19 years of impeccable work

successful deals&cases

456000 tons
of transported goods

1. We’ve got 19 years of experience and positive feedback from our business partners.

We delivered necessary equipment and construction materials for the 2014 Winter Olympics facilities construction in Sochi and the APEC Russia 2012 summit organization in Vladivostok. We also carried out orders for the goods shipping in the interests of the “Crocus Expo” exhibition center and “Rostelecom”.

2. We use a clear and legal scheme of work.

All obligations are fixed in the contract. The movement of goods is monitored daily around the clock.

3. We are fully responsible for the cargo during transportation from Japan.

We carefully check the authenticity, quantity and quality of your cargo. We guarantee integrity and safety during loading. We compensate for losses and pay fines in case of deadlines failure.

Submit an application


Cargo safety guarantee
We check the quantity and quality of goods, pack them for safe international transportation.

Price guarantee.
The cost of the service is specified in the contract. And this is the final amount. There will be no unexpected surcharges.

Guarantee of compliance with deadlines
The delivery time from China to Moscow or another city is fixed in the contract. Penalties and fines are also prescribed there

Clients’ feedback

Иван Кудрин

Ivan Kudrin

We have been cooperating with this company for several years. There has not been a single serious problem during this time. Firstly, everything is done on time. Secondly, manager Anton is always in touch and keeps me up to date.

Максим А.

Maxim A.

More than 1,200 tons of my cargo have been shipped from Korea to Moscow during our cooperation. I am satisfied, no complaints. The company have never violated deadlines. I like it when they do the paperwork themselves and I don't have to get into it .

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about cargo transportation from China and Asian countries

  • Do you transport cargo under your contract? Does the company issue authorization documents?
  • Yes, we carry out customs clearance under our contract. Yes, we are ready to issue all the necessary documents, if certificates are required, we will do everything simultaneously with the preparation and dispatch of the cargo.
  • I’ve got a warehouse in Novosibirsk. Is it possible to deliver the cargo directly to my warehouse?
  • Yes, we deliver goods to any region of Russia!
  • I can't pick up the cargo right away, is it possible to store the cargo using your warehouse for several days?
  • No problem! We have a large warehouse, and if necessary, we store the goods there.
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We solve all the problems of transportation, escorting and conducting across the border

We will provide calculations within 2-3 hours

* - required field.

We will deliver your cargo door-to-door and carry out all customs procedures ourselves

We will use more than 50 routes in our work. The process has been built up over years of work, everything runs like clockwork!

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