Launch of a new coal transshipment project in Vladivostok.

угольная перевалка во Владивостоке

Vladmorrybport OJSC is preparing to launch a new coal transshipment project in the center of Vladivostok. The news about the design of the ship loading complex at berth No. 46 appeared on the Public Procurement website at the end of 2018. It is interesting to note that we are talking about a berth where coal transshipment should be stopped before 2020. This is stated in the official agreement concluded in January 2018 with the administration of Primorsky Krai. The actions of Vladmorrybport appear to conflict with the promise and policy of the state regulator.

The FSUE "Natsrybresurs" believes that the fishing port should serve the transshipment of fish and marine resources. At the beginning of 2018, Andrey Tarasenko, Acting Governor of Primorsky Krai, and Alexander Shevchenko, head of JSC Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port, signed a document on the phased reduction and gradual cessation of open-pit coal transshipment in the fishing port of Vladivostok. According to the press service of the Primorsky Administration, coal transshipment was supposed to stop at the end of 2018 at berth No. 50 and by the end of 2020 at the same berth No. 46. For the current 2019, the port's plan includes a budget for the modernization of the dust protection system in the amount of 51.4 million rubles. During 2019-2021, the company will invest about 120 million rubles more for the construction of wastewater and storm water treatment facilities.

In the period from 2018 to 2021, the port management is going to implement an investment project for the construction of a refrigeration and storage infrastructure and increase the transshipment capacity of frozen fish and seafood to 500,000 tons per year. In addition, the company is going to provide premises and equipment for a fish exchange and an electronic commercial platform for trading fish products.

According to Yuri Balashov, Deputy General Director of "Natsrybresurs" for work with the branch in Primorye, under the terms of the contract, tenants are obliged to maintain the port infrastructure in working condition and modernize it at their own expense. Most of the port operators fulfill these conditions, but there are also negative trends.

"Natsrybresurs" and "Vladmorrybport" in August 2017, after a long confrontation, signed an agreement on the lease of state berths for 49 years. The press service of "Natsrybresurs" quotes the text of the agreement and says that "Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port" has assumed obligations for the current and overhaul of leased hydraulic structures and modernization of infrastructure for storage and transshipment of fish products.

Against this background, the news about the launch of the VMRP of a new coal transshipment project at the central berth of Vladivostok requires some explanation. This decision was probably influenced by the departure of Andrei Tarasenko from the post of acting governor of Primorye. It is also possible that the management of the Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port by signing the agreement gained time, guided by the eastern parable of the sage, the padishah and the donkey. Despite the lack of explanations, the information is posted on the Public Procurement website, the requirements for participants are set, the dates and time for submitting applications (January 21, 2019) are set. This means that coal transshipment in the center of Vladivostok will still continue and even expand.