Why does any importer need a Surveyor

Услуги сюрвеейра

Who is a surveyor?

This is an independent 3rd person (forwarder) giving an opinion on the quality of loading and unloading of goods. Most often, their services are used in assessing the condition of perishable goods.


Why do you need to know this?

Suppose you don't trust your supplier enough and you need to check the quality, quantity and weight of the goods that he is going to send you, for this you need to order a Surveyor service.


Since it is a neutral entity, it does not depend on you or the supplier. Survey companies have been earning their name for years, in Russia you can count such people on your fingers, so they enjoy the absolute trust of large carrier companies, as well as insurance companies. After you have ordered the surveyor's service, you will receive a certificate of the condition of the cargo, it states: the condition of the vehicle, the quality, quantity and weight of the cargo. This certificate has full legal force and is accepted without problems in the arbitration court! And most importantly, you will be able to decide without hesitation whether or not to deal with a supplier on whose account you have doubts.


If you have not yet encountered such services, but you understand that without them your further foreign economic activity is impossible, leave a request on our website and we will be happy to advise you on the correct selection of a survey company, as well as recommend companies that we trust!